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Maui rings are durable, affordable, easy to clean, nonconductive, and comfortable. They’re a great option for the gym when you don’t want to beat up your traditional wedding ring, a necessity when working with heavy machinery, and a great option for climbing, traveling, and daily life.

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Resistance Band Resistance Bands Set of 5 Resistance Loop Bands for Legs and Butt Resistance Booty Bands for Women Exercise Bands for Fitness Elastic Gym Bands Carry Bag and Exercise Guide

    • ♥ 100% BEST QUALITY NATURAL LATEX, SKIN & ECO FRIENDLY. Our Maui Rings Sport workout bands are STRONGER, STRETCH FURTHER AND LAST LONGER than the ordinary rubber ones! Get the same resistance after many repetitions. Each loop is 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. 5 resistance strengths: X-light (5-8 Ibs), Light (10-12 Ibs), Medium (15-20 Ibs), Heavy (25-30 Ibs), and X-Heavy (30-35 Ibs).
    • ♥ 5 UNIQUE ULTRA-CHIC COLORS specially design for you. Why training with old fashioned boring colors? Get fit in style with maximum fashion impact. Use our bands at the gym, office, home, when traveling… everywhere & anytime.
    • <strong&gt;♥ FOR EVERYONE – women and men of all fitness levels</strong>. Use a single elastic band or combine together to get the right level of resistance for you. For home workout equipment, Yoga, Pilates, Fitness, CrossFit, Stretching, or Rehabilitation.</strong>
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    • in just 15 minutes. Increase mobility and strength your muscles. The loops can be used as gym accessories for women and resistance bands for

arms and should

    ers. Carry them everywhere with the cute little bag;
  • Durable and nonconductive
  • Prevents ring avultion
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Money back guarantee



Inspiration is a funny thing though. Traveling the world isn’t an idea that you really have to convince others to like or yearn for experiencing new sights and sounds. Just like the real partnership, it’s hard to find and easy to lose, but when you’re lucky, it can also spread like wildfire.

The hidden treasure on this ring is creating a unique moment of very rich adventure experiences. Our silicone wedding rings are made of the highest quality medical-grade silicone and it is a perfect solution for an alternative wedding ring. 100% NON-TOXIC, skin-safe, hypoallergenic, work ring.

Silicone wedding ring for an active lifestyle – no matter what sport you do: exercise, weight lifting, extreme sports, hiking, Crossfit, training, running, yoga, biker, travels, athletic lifestyle, swimming, diving, gym, physical therapy, trekking, picnic, camping, fishing, climbing, jamming, playing music, musician.

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