Adventure Silicone Ring Men – Gray

Maui rings are durable, affordable, easy to clean, nonconductive, and comfortable. They’re a great option for the gym when you don’t want to beat up your traditional wedding ring, a necessity when working with heavy machinery, and a great option for climbing, traveling, and daily life.

Original price was: $ 29.99.Current price is: $ 26.99.


Adventures are everywhere…for those who never stop exploring… Our Adventures Silicone Rings are inspired by nature.

  • Simple & Elegant alternative to the traditional wedding ring for all men at work & all the professions;
  • Ultra-light and comfortable: Unique, flexible design for ultra-comfort without any sharp edges. Soft, smooth and pliable men ring;
  • Breathable: Our MAUI Adventure rubber ring is designed to allow for air circulation to prevent moisture trapping and for your skin to breathe;
  • Safe: Waterproof, safe ring, durable, designed to break under a lot of pressure in order to protect your finger;
  • If you are wondering how to measure your ring size please check our  Ring Size Table –  Ring size chart – find it here.
  • Color: Grey

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 8.7mm;
  • Thickness: 2.2mm.
  • Durable and nonconductive
  • Prevents ring avultion
  • Medical grade silicone
  • Money back guarantee



Inspiration is a funny thing though. Traveling the world isn’t an idea that you really have to convince others to like or yearn for experiencing new sights and sounds. Just like the real partnership, it’s hard to find and easy to lose, but when you’re lucky, it can also spread like wildfire.

The hidden treasure on this ring is creating a unique moment of very rich adventure experiences. Our silicone wedding rings are made of the highest quality medical-grade silicone and it is a perfect solution for an alternative wedding ring. 100% NON-TOXIC, skin-safe, hypoallergenic, work ring.

Silicone wedding ring for an active lifestyle – no matter what sport you do: exercise, weight lifting, extreme sports, hiking, Crossfit, training, running, yoga, biker, travels, athletic lifestyle, swimming, diving, gym, physical therapy, trekking, picnic, camping, fishing, climbing, jamming, playing music, musician.

If you are wondering how to measure you ring size please check our Ring Size Table – Ring size chart – find it here


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