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Glow in the dark silicone ring

As we know nowadays more and more innovative products become relevant. They happen to replace the traditional ones and fulfill our needs reflecting the present. Such products are silicone wedding bands that are popular because of their features. The material of silicone rings prevents you from injuries meaning the rings are safe. They are light

Why medical specialist prefer Maui Rings

When medical specialist practices for most of his or her daily life, the work is related to examinations, involving equipment, and following procedures to help the patient. Whether we are talking about a doctor, surgeon, nurse, dentist, or others. These are people whose job save others. The work requires physical contact. Like any married person,

Where can you find and buy Maui Rings

You have already decided that you are looking for a silicone wedding ring. You want to buy one and you have turned to us. Congratulations on a great choice and your good taste. We look forward to welcoming you to our community, where we appreciate family values, stable happy families, and comfortable, safe, affordable, and

Who are the people wearing silicone wedding bands?

Most likely you are already aware of the existence of silicone wedding rings as an alternative to the traditional wedding ring. A most common way of being introduced to the silicone wedding bands is by seeing someone wearing it of course. You probably watched experiences with metal rings of celebrities or public figures and why

Quality silicone rings compared to poor quality silicone rings

Silicone wedding rings are becoming more and more popular every day. When buying a product people are interested to receive good value for their money. The future married couple is not satisfied with just visual appearance. In searching for a multifunctional item they realize the need for silicone wedding rings that match a lifestyle. Тhe

Why you should have a couple of Wedding Bands

When we talk about wedding rings what comes to mind is a traditional precious metal ring. People are looking for variations and substitute solutions. They like the symbol and everything that personify but they also appreciate comfort and the modern way of life. People even found it rather necessary to have more than one. Let’s

Anniversary Gift Maui Rings

Another happy occasion that accompanies the wedding day is the celebration of your wedding anniversary. No matter if you have just spent your first year as a married couple or you are far ahead. Congratulations! We are happy for you and wish you lots of anniversaries and happy times.  Now you would like to honor

Review of the Most Popular Silicone Rings on Maui Rings

The inspiration for our brand came from the heavenly Hawaiian island Maui. If you’ve ever been there you definitely know why. Peaceful, exciting, and beautiful simply divine that is why in correlation to the name our product designs are naturally influenced by the same place. Maui Rings are high-quality silicone wedding rings made from the

Activities during which Active People prefer wearing Silicone Rings

Silicone Rings became a trend and actually were chosen because of their purpose and design. People with active lifestyles were interested in a comfortable product suited for their needs and didn’t want to compromise between commitment and convenience. That is why the silicone wedding rings are preferred for most activities and for general use. Let’s

Are Silicone Rings convenient?

When buying a wedding ring people think of traditions and what looks nice, what will impress their fiancé and things like that.  Usually leads up to buying the most expensive one in order to express their love. The traditional wedding rings and engagement rings are mainly made of precious metals. Gold, silver, and such but

5 Reasons why You should use Resistance Bands

During these strange times when we are not able to go to the gym, we are forced to search for alternatives. It is important to be able to stretch and strengthen the body meaning to activate and tone the muscles. A person does not need to buy every single piece of equipment, only the most

On which hand to wear your wedding ring?

You are already engaged and the big day is coming so you are wondering where you should put your wedding ring during the reception or after. Let’s find out. Of course you probably already have heard from someone that the ring has to be worn on the fourth finger (also known as the wedding ring

Why Silicone Rings are Perfect for the Summer?

Summer is here which means, weddings, vacations, honeymoons, picnics, hiking, biking, surfing, and all sorts of outdoor activities. No matter if you are planning a relaxing, casual carless outing or exciting energizing activities here is something you definitely have to include when packing. Write it down next to your sunscreen because it is as important.

What’s the best way to clean silicone rings?

Silicone wedding rings don’t get scratched like metal rings. They are made to break under a lot of pressure in order to protect your finger so while you are having fun – biking, climbing, surfing, swimming, training, or working – you are safe. Another great feature is that sticky materials can’t stay on as easily.

Are Maui Rings Environmentally safe?

Visiting the Hawaiian island of Maui is a lifetime adventure for all nature lovers. Stretching out on warm, golden sands or hitting the surf for an unforgettable windsurfing or snorkeling session will make this one of the most spectacular journeys of your life. We from Maui Rings are inspired by this piece of heaven and